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A level of excellence gives us the ability to experience those precious moments.

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Diddelenger Waassertuerm

Because we want our bottles to be representative of Luxembourg, you can find the Dudelange Water Tower on your 1928 collection bottle ...

Huel En Gin our Made in Luxembourg Gin with the monument Huelen Zant


Did you know that the monument on our Huel En Gin is the Huelen Zant?

If you visit the Grund you can check it out.

10 ingredients carefully selected, to offer you a superior quality Gin

Made In Luxembourg with quality ingredients

Carefully selected ingredients to offer you superior quality Gin

We monitor everything closely and it is always a pleasure for us to experience the individual steps of production every time.

The excitement of every process

We monitor everything closely and it is always a pleasure for us to experience the different stages of production each time.

THE PERFECT GIN & TONIC With the 1928 Luxembourg Dry Gin

The perfect Gin Tonic

Sweet and without Bitterness. We can explain how to choose your Gin. Many Gins are high in alcohol and do not have enough Ingredients, + a poorly managed product finalization leads to a Gin that burns your tongue and throat.

At The Groom we try to distill our Gin and Rum with the best quality you can get. For us, quality means doing things right also when no one is looking. We want to produce the best products in the world.

Adelio Silva / Founder & CEO

Groom d'or


Planted in Luxembourg

Bring a Cape Verdean culture to the heart of Luxembourg. Merge the know-how to finally offer you a quality rum 100% made in Lux.

Groom d'Or

the secret of our recipe has been passed down from generation to generation for over 400 years.

Made in Luxembourg

Our OAK Barrels are young and coming from Germany, the longer we will use them the better the Rum will be in Future.


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